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Arise New York is in its tenth summer in the Central Park Naumburg Bandshell of uplifting and energetic musical performances. Our concert will feature the crunching rock guitars of Red Words, the spirited and passionate fraternity-style Nubian Gents & Feminine Fire step dance group, soulful, transparent and original singer/songwriter Isaiah Jamel, the lyrical and award-winning David & Valena Bratton and God’s Blueprint for Life Ministries, inspirational speaker Chris White, fun activities for children by Child Evangelism Fellowship and more!

Our concerts have featured:

Red Words
Antoine Hilton Nubian Gents thumbNubian Gents Gauge thumbGauge
Chris_White_Color_Small2 thumbChris White Boots 3D Ministries Jeannie Ortega thumbJeannie Ortega
PaulPaoliBandalbum3 thumbPaul Paoli Band Crossing Jordan thumbCrossing Jordan God’s Blueprint for Life Jovan Ramos
White Ribbon Day Ted_Pearce_with_Shofar thumbTed Pearce Robin Massie thumbRobin Leigh Massie marty_goetz thumbMarty Goetz
Gospel Trick Shot thumbGospel Trick Shot Chinese yoyo thumbColumbia U. Chinese Yo-Yo BethanyLange2 thumbBethany Lange TSC pic cropThe SymphoNYChorus
Waldvogel1 thumbThe King’s Army Imago dei thumbImago Dei VEngler a2680 blur thumbValerie Engler


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